Manchester City Elopement

This elopement in the Manchester skyline was the city wedding of dreams!

In an elopement all you need is your wedding photographer, a wedding celebrant and the freedom to roam the city streets alone at night.

This session at this stunning rooftop was something else!

We walked past the Midland Wedding Venue in Manchester city centre and the Kimpton Hotel during our session as well as many passerbyers who greeted and celebrated the couple’. We ended up having the best time!
City Elopements have become SO popular. Couples decide to celebrate their small wedding in their home city as this feels true and authentic to who they are. Elopements are so special and intimate. If you are looking for a Manchester Wedding Photographer who loves a city adventure, here I am! I believe that it is important to be truthful to who you are.

Many couples have expressed how much they enjoy having a big party and for all their friends and family to be there to cheer them on during the wedding day, in the other hand some couples like the idea of a relaxed and intimate ceremony in a location that means something to them as a couple.

I love capturing all the emotions, every moment is so important and tailoring your wedding to your needs is essential.
I hope you enjoy this

Sara x